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Views: 64,553
Added on: 05/15/2009
Uploaded by: Anonymous
Pornstars: Lexington Steele

Brunette porno star Audrey Elso shows off her assets by the swimming pool, spreading her great ass as to get a better look inside, she then gets on her knees and gives Lexington Steele a great blowjob, she loves to ride his big dick as nothing makes her happier then interracial fucking then gets it up her anal hole and she takes all his inches and begs for a facial cumshot


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    January 6, 2014
    Don't know her, know him-the description makes it sound like one of the best fucks ever. Never saw a lip and the monster is in; it is a whopper of a chopper, but to remain fully clothed while whipping it out and sticking it in is pretty crass. OK it's fucking at the end of the day, but surely we can have fucking with taste, class and style; especially with a cockmeister of the genre. The reverse cowgirl is wonderful; unfortunately she is ugly and her tits are horrible
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