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Shane Diesel

AKA : Blackzilla, Shane Saul Diesel, Big Shane, Big Diesel Shane, Big Diesel, Mike Osuhor, Shane Hudson


Shane Diesel is an African-American pornstar and director born July 28th, 1963 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He's known for his performances in inter-racial films and stands 5'10, with a very fit, muscular physique and a huge cock, which he puts to good use in some of porn's hottest cuckolding scenes. Shane has said that his penis is so large that it can sometimes cause complications when girls are unable to endure penetration. New Sensations even create a dildo replicata of Shane's famous penis in 2010.

When he was 23, Shane moved from Las Vegas to California to pursue a career in bodybuilding. When he was 28, he started modeling for magazines but had to turn down the opportunity to pursue porn because of his parents. Shane only began working in porn when he was 39 years old after receiving a huge paycut from his airline job after 9/11. He has said that he's glad he began working in the porn business late, since starting too young can really screw you up. Shane picked the name Diesel when someone in the business told him that he looked like Vin Diesel. In 2005, Shane signed an exclusive contract with Digital Sin. Shane became famous for his role as Blackzilla in a series produced by Hush Hush Entertainment where he had sex with white college girls and would force them to use racial slurs. In 2008, he retired from this role when he began pursuing directing. He signed an exclusive directing contract with Vengeance XXX, part of New Sensations, where he stars in and directs his own inter-racial films. His debut film was She Only Takes Diesel (2007).

Shane made an appearance in the mainstream media in 2008, when he was interviewed with Ashlynn Brook by AskMen on how to audition for porn. He was also interviewed for Cosmopolitan in 2015, where Shane revealed that he continues to work at his old airline job, where everyone knows about his career in porn. Shane refers to juggling these two jobs as having a “double life”, because he transforms into a different person, Shane Diesel, when he's on screen.

Shane was married to a Czech pornstar, Jessica Dee, who died in a car crash in 2012. He says he dates all types of women in real life and that the racial themes he tackles in his work are just a response to consumer demand. Shane lost his virginity when he was 18 to a 30 year old woman and has said that he has always preferred older women. Shane's son discovered his dad worked in porn when he was 24 years old and asked his father to hook him up with girls but refused, saying he didn't want to expose his son to “the kind of knuckleheads I deal with.”


    • 2007FAME Award finalist - Favorite Male Star
    • 2008 XBIZ Award nominee - Male Performer of the Year
    • 2008 XRCO Award nominee - Unsung Swordsman
    • 2009 Hot d'Or Award nominee - Best American Male Performer
    • 2009 XBIZ Award nominee - Male Performer of the Year
    • 2010 XBIZ Award nominee - Male Performer of the Year
    • 2010 XFANZ Award nominee - Male Star of the Year

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